Goliath Labs 100% Whey Protein powder 5LB isolate/blend protein 68 servings

Glutamine and Immune System
Glutamine is considered an essential amino acid during stress and critical illness which means that the human body cannot synthesize enough of glutamine to satisfy the needs of rapidly proliferating cells of the immune system, especially in the gut.
Even in otherwise healthy people in situations of extreme stress, such as heavy exercise, viral or bacterial infections, the concentration of glutamine in the blood diminishes. Glutamine and arginine: immune nutrients for improved health. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2000;32(7S): S377-S388). Since glutamine is used as a fuel by rapidly proliferating cells of the immune system, oral intake of glutamine has been seen to have a beneficial effect on gut function and on some aspects of immune cell function in clinical studies.
Athletes and otherwise healthy subjects under stress, clearly benefit from the provision of glutamine due to stimulated immune system and enhanced functionality of immune cells in the gut.

Quality Control
Goliathlabs Laboratory operates in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and has developed Standard Operating  Procedures (SOPs) for all processes.
In the manufacture of our nutraceutical supplements, only food supplement ingredients certified by microbiological and composition tests will be used to ensure a constant quality of the product and its integrity.
We use the highest quality raw materials with reliable and solid suppliers. Our team is proud to have earned "A" and we are continuously growing and expanding our capabilities. We always check and check every step of the manufacturing process. From raw materials to packaged products, we ensure the quality of capsules, tablets and powders.